Smart Signage Reference Design Kit

Save time and effort getting to market.

Quick Start Your Design

Simplify the design process, reduce time to market, and take your idea to the next level.

Key Features

Reflective electrophoretic E-Ink technology Display module.

  • Deploy and Forget

    No power needed to maintain an image. Deploy and forget for infinite shelf life.

  • Rugged Enclosure

    IP-66 enclosure can afford spills and splashes. Standard nightly sanitization procedures are a non-issue.

  • Durable Screen

    Thin and light screen requires no special overlays or expensive glass. No backlight required.

  • Over-The-Air Updates

    Real time over the air screen updates, without the need physical site visits.

What is included:

E-Ink 7-Color Display, Evaluation Board/USB-Cable, Supporting SDK, Autodesk 360 E-CAD Files, along with Altium Design Files

1. E-INK Screen

Reflective electrophoretic EInk Gallery Palette display module capable of displaying images with 7 colors. Ultra low power consumption. Display resolution (640 x 400).

3. Image Shuffle

Display up to six features with an option to toggle icons on or off, and add unique calls to action.

5. USB-Micro Power PORT

Grab any USB wall wart in the house with the sleek and convenient USB-micro port.  Power evaluation board with a stanard 5V capable USB computer port.

2. BLE Arm-Core Soc

Powerful on board system-on-chip hosts BLE 5.2 support for connecting to your smart phone or BLE equipped computer. Simultaneously update multiple screens with both wirelessly and with the click of mouse.

4. Coin-Cell 2032

Once you have finished developing your software application simply pop in 2 standard off-the-shelf 2032 coin cells for up to 10 years of deploy and forget operation.

6. Solid State Memory

Onboard Flash available to store several images for onfline pagenation. Useful in scenarios where end customer has a set number of images to be displayed each day/on the interval.